Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday

Today, is my husband's birthday! So, Sam this one is for you...

I feel so incredibly blessed to get to call you mine. I can not believe God gave me such an amazing man of character. You are so wise beyond your years and have the kindest heart I have ever known. You are a great spiritual leader and answer so many of my questions.You are my pillar of strength and my rock during tough situations.You work extremely hard and I admire your determination to do everything exactly right. You have the cutest laugh and it just melts my heart to see your sweet smile. You make my life so much better and I feel very honored to be your wife. I absolutely can not wait to see you as a father someday and I have no doubt you will be an excellent one! You have all the attributes of a great dad already. You take the time to listen and give knowledgeable advice. You are very patient and offer your support where it is needed. You understand the importance of quality time and leading by example. You take your position as the provider seriously and uphold your moral values. You want only the best for your family and love them unconditionally. I see a terrific parent in the making and a wonderful man after God's own heart. I love you and I am so glad God put you on this earth twenty-nine years ago!

I love you dearly,


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