Thursday, June 6, 2013


We are eagerly awaiting a phone call that could change our lives forever. Sam and I were recently contacted on Tuesday by our adoption agency about two little girls who need a new home. It seemed so perfect that it happened to be the seventh month since starting our own adoption journey. Of course we gladly accepted the offer if we qualified for such a quick adoption. I tried to gather all our paper work together and sort out what still needed to be done. Sam stayed up most of the night writing to one dad from a potential other. It was short but certainly sincere and heart felt. We didn't go to bed until almost three in the morning but we didn't care. Sam and I are thrilled at even being a possible candidate for this adoption. We are praying so hard for the Lord's will to be done even if that means we are not selected. We pray these girls will receive the family best suited for them and likewise that we will finally meet the children intended for us. Please be in prayer with us about this opportunity and our agencies heavy decision.



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  1. We're praying with you guys. You're going to be amazing parents when the time and circumstances are just right. Keep everyone posted! xoxo