Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Direction as Mission Parents

God has certainly pointed us in a new direction and Sam and I could not be more excited! We are still pursuing to adopt but just in another way. Back in August, we felt God leading us to become foster parents. We prayed about it and mutually agreed to sign up for the next fostering class available which just so happened to be the following week. I must admit I had some concerns and was maybe just a bit hesitant but as soon as we walked in...I instantly knew this was definitely it. We have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and with the classes coming to an end, I can honestly say I have no concerns or hesitation. I am so over joyed that God led us to become foster parents. It doesn't matter what the results may be I know this is going to bless our lives in an incredible way. I love the organization we chose to go through and the staff is excellent. They have been so informative and just down right nice about all our questions...and trust me when I say we had many many questions! They knew we were first time parents for sure! With us going through this process we have had several people ask us questions and express their own concerns. Some of those concerns were ones I myself have had. I know that fostering is very different from adoption. I also know that fostering tends to get stereotyped. Yes, there are good and bad things about fostering. However, adopting and even having your own biological children has good and bad things that could happen. Fostering is definitely a calling and one we have embraced with open arms. However, fostering comes with a price...your heart. You are going to give pieces of your heart away to each and every child that comes into your care. Sam and I understand the ultimate goal of foster care is to reunite families and we fully support that mission! But we also believe God knows the desires of our hearts and we truly want to adopt. We are being very open with this organization about our personal desires and in return they are being so thoughtful of that. Sam and I hope beyond anything that these kids can return to their families so they can become a whole unit once again. We are opening our home to whatever child may be in need of it but we pray God sends us our own through this process. Make no mistake, we will love each and every child the same and treat them equally. But we can not wait to meet the child we can finally call ours forever. We pray God receives all the glory from this mission we are on! In fact, Sam and I have decided to refer to fostering as missioning so we will hopefully soon be mission parents. Please continue to pray for us as we travel in this new direction!

With much love,

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  1. You guys are awesome beyond words. God bless your home. xoxo